OUR WORLD started as a "no name" thing in mid 1992 with a couple of crazy hardcore / punk nerds from the same area (10 people).

All of us were really into the scene and wanted to do something. We started selling records, demos and the like. In 1993 we decided to call it OUR WORLD 'cause after all it was our world which we were in and we loved. We drove to a lot of shows and had a lot of fun at that time.

Through the years most of the founding members got "real" jobs, went off to university or quit listening to that kind of music. In 1997 I started the demo-release/label thing which you can see in the RELEASES section. I hope to keep that alive for another few years to support something that has always meant and still means a lot to me.

on the run in 2005..... video cams are HOT !!!

x Matze ow 2005